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Our range of advertising services includes all forms of promotion which will make it easier for you to reach your target group. We offer effective tools to enhance your presence as an exhibitor at trade fairs. An appropriate and well-aimed application of these tools will contribute to making your offer more attractive to professional trade fair visitors.



Our trade fair catalogue offers each exhibitor a perfect opportunity to showcase their product range. Published before each trade fair, the catalogue makes it possible to reach your carefully selected target group interested in the industry showing at given trade fair. You can be sure that the catalogue will arrive at the hands of each and every exhibitor and will be available for purchase to all trade fair visitors. The catalogue is the basic manual guiding visitors around the exhibition area. It is also the best source of concise information about what is put up for display at different exhibitions.



Large-format advertisements displayed at trade fairs are, without doubt, the most attractive and the most readily noticeable form of promotion. We offer advertising areas outside of exhibition pavilions, on the main walls of pavilions and in neutral locations both in pavilions and entry halls



As exhibitors, you have a chance to have your own advertising structures put up on trade fair grounds (i.e. both in open areas and neutral locations). Depending on structure size and method of mounting, we will always do our best to select the best possible location for you. Moreover, exhibitors may request advertising flags to be placed on their own masts or masts provided by the fair organizers.



Benefit from the presence of the large audience on Facebook, twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn... etc. . Where this service lets you to increase interaction with your customers and build a community interested in which you offer whether services, products and articles also by paid ads which we ensure for you and choosing the appropriate platform for your work, you can attract more customers.



Among the advantages of email marketing that it’s ease and enhance your relationship with your customers and from their live feedback you will know how much they benefit from your services so it is considered a way of promoting your brand.

And also advertising campaigns via e-mail, attract more customers, this gives you a special place among your competitors (and help you to improve the strategic plan).



Throughout trade fair duration, all exhibitors can order their promotional materials, leaflets and advertising gadgets to be given out to visitors. Using mobile advertising tools, you can provide visitors with all desirable information well before they find their way to your exhibition stand. The spectrum of possibilities is enormous, ranging from distinctively dressed hostesses and stilt walkers, attendants on roller blades or roller skates, to mime artists and many more. Everything depends on you and your ingenuity.

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